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Author: ibm2431
Date: 3/30/2007
Time: 7:30PM


I'm updating? Really?

Yes! I have an update for you all! And it's an actual BG update this time! Like most of the games I've been ripping recently, these are the ones that Watar started ripping and brought over with him during the BGHQ - BGX merge but never finished. I'm getting closer and closer to finishing this project with each update. These can all be found in the Super Nintendo section:

Clock Tower (139)
Hagane (398)
Last Fighter Twin (75)
Magical Pop'n (741)
Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (41)
Wedding Peach (24)

Total: 1,418 BGs

Hagane was an interesting game to say the least. You play as a cyborg ninja trying to save feudal Japan from getting nuked by a giant missile. No, really. A cyborg ninja. ..I think. It looks like a cyborg ninja at least. Magical Pop'n was a cute little platformer, and should be tried out sometime if you have the time. However, Clock Tower was the hardest game to rip out of all of these. Why? It's creepy as hell. I had a hard time playing through it. Seriously, try playing Clock Tower alone, in a dark room, with your speakers up, and try to tell me that it's not the scariest game of the 16-bit era. Unlike other horror games, you don't get weapons to shoot at the evil things that are chasing you (or even a camera like in Fatal Frame 3). What do you get? Nothing. Now run.

There are a few other things that I should point out. First, as I'm sure some of you have already noticed by now, I've fixed the page header scripts so that they correctly display the game's name and the current section name. I've also coded a spiffy news script that'll let the staff update via a PHP form and insert the post into a MySQL database which will be displayed on the front page and automatically archived. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "All News" to see older posts. Finally, BGHQ has a pseudo-new affiliate. It's Twisted Renders, ran by Tree, and has replaced Rockman Metro. So it's technically a new site - just ran by the same people and with the same purpose but with a broader scope. Take it as you will.

That's all from me for now. Hopefully I'll be updating again sometime soon (which by now, all of you should know that by "soon" I mean "maybe in a month"). All of you have fun and have a good evening!



Author: Lyrea
Date: 3/22/2007
Time: 3:13AM


Background Library Update

Some backgrounds in the background library were lacking thumbnails, this has been corrected today.

Hello! I'm Lyrea! I'm a new staff member here, and not under my Background Library name of SuperSonicChaos2. Twelve of mine total.

Another new submitter, Smit, has three backgrounds up in the Library as well.



Author: Xergrim
Date: 3/19/2007
Time: 1:42AM


Updates? Impossible!

Hello there! I'm Xergrim, the new guy here at BGHQ. I bring you two more games from the SNES. One's been done for almost a month now but because poor ibm2431 has been so busy, these just never got around to being up.

So why am I here? Well, like many of you coming here, I'm a sprite comic author. Figured it only right to give to the community in any way I can, so here I am! And here are your games!

Bubsy II (571 images)
Nosferatu (616 images)

Bubsy II's backgrounds are for the most part bright and happy, but it's also platforming hell and ranges from being very crowded to almost void like. Take a look, maybe you'll find a good one you'd like.

Nosferatu's backgrounds are definitely going to be handy for folks sick of using Castlevania for all their castle needs. Even has some a handful of forest and grass areas you might like!



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